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questions, comments, and concerns go here. anon is ON, comments are SCREENED, IP logging is OFF. thank you!
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Original Character

OOC permissions
Backtagging: Totally fine!
Threadhopping: Go for it!
Offensive subjects: I'm fine with mostly anything, but please let me know if you think a thread will be heading in such a direction.

IC information
Species: Half-faery, half-human.
Role/Faction: Messenger/courier fae in the Unseelie Court
Strength: 1
Magic: 3
Friends/Allies: A loyal member of her court, faithful helper to all Unseelie fae. Details TBA.
Enemies: None so far. No one has ever crossed her enough in her short life to warrant her releasing her terrible temper. Details TBA.
Relationship status: Single.
Notable physical characteristics: Her long limbs, sharp eyes, and impeccable wardrobe. She likes dressing to the nines for no reason.
Notable magical characteristics: She has future sight, though she'll hide it.
Offensive subjects: None.
Warnings: None, really.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Check with me beforehand!
Injuring this character: Ditto.
Torturing this character: Ditto again.
Killing this character: Nope.
Mental/emotional torment: Check with me!
Physical intimacy: Go for it. Be prepared to get your ass kicked if it's too much for her, though. She's generally okay with casual physical intimacy, but when it gets more hot and heavy, she knows exactly where and when she wants to be touched.
Romance: Go ahead!
Using magic on this character: Totally fine!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Check with me beforehand!
Using mind control on this character: Ditto.
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Player information
Name: Violet
Contact: [personal profile] avioletqueen || [plurk.com profile] avioletqueen
Are you 18 or over? Yep!
Other characters played: N/A

Character information
Name: Her fae name is Morfydd, and her human name is Maera Perkins.
Age: Her actual age is 78, but she appears to be around twenty years of age.
Date of Birth: November 19th, 1936
Canon: OC
Species: Fae ; the offspring of a fairy and a human, to be specific, but she's always had a lot more fae inside of her than human.
Role: Her loyalty would be first and foremost to the Unseelie Court, just like her mother. She could be any sort of low-ranking position, really, but being a messenger or courier would suit her best, as she often travels from Faery London to Human London (as she refers to it) and back.
Rank: Level 1 or 2.

Unseelie fae love toying with humans. It's an intrinsic part of life, an undeniable truth. But all fae agree that it doesn't make sense for anything lasting to happen. After all, a human's lifespan passes in a blink compared to a faery's, and falling in love with a human is just setting one up for heartbreak.

Yet it was one of these rare cases - of a faery woman falling head over heels for a human man - that resulted in Maera. From the moment of her birth, she straddled two worlds, entranced equally by both Faery London and Human London. Both of her parents had an equal influence on her as they raised her - her mother taught her of magic and the values of the Unseelie Court, while her father, an ex-military man, impressed upon her the importance of duty and honor. As a child, she desired nothing more than for humans to find out about the fae, seeing her parents' love and wanting to share that with the rest of the world.

As with all beings, whether mortal or otherwise, her childish innocence didn't last.

Her mother is the Unseelie Court Seer, a fae who has the power of future sight, and this power was passed on to Maera as well. However, her paranoid mother taught her to always keep her powers a secret, and to claim that she wasn't a seer. Maera grew up firmly believing that anyone who knew about her visions would try to take advantage of her, so she's never shared this truth, even with the people with whom she's close.

But keeping this secret never meant that she had to hide her heritage. She was always equally proud of the fae and human blood that runs through her, and never endeavored to hide the human side of her. When she became old enough, her father made her the offer of living with him and even pursuing a human education, and she might have taken him up on it - but she had watched for the past couple decades as her father aged and her mother remained youthful in appearance. She knew that it would hurt to live with him and not age, to have to face his humanity without any barriers between them. And so, she refused, choosing instead to stay with her mother and start working for her Court.

It's been decades since then, and her beloved father is dead in the ground. Maera continues to offer petty services to the Unseelie Court, biding her time until the stars align and she begins to rise through the ranks.

Because of her job as a messenger, Maera knows quite a lot of people. She's sociable and witty in general, though not without a mischievous side. While many fae get around their inability to lie by using tricky language, Maera spends most of her time being honest to the point of brutality. She only really tries to evade the truth when she actually has something to hide.

For now, she's happy where she is in the Court, and she's very respectful to the fae who outrank her. Her patience and cheeriness may trick others into thinking that she's satisfied with her position, but her charming exterior hides an ambitious core. She's going to climb the ranks one day, don't get her wrong - she's just waiting for the right moment to start.

Humans, to Maera, are curioser and curioser. She's not got quite as much of a bite when it comes to interactions with them as others in the Unseelie Court might. After all, Human London is just as much of a home to her as Faery London is. As a result, she tends to spend a lot of time mingling with humans - as much as she can without neglecting her duties to her Court.

Her odd upbringing has given her a very unique view on the world. Unlike most Unseelie fae, the values of duty and honor (very Seelie traits) were drilled into her as a young child. As a result, she's got an burning loyalty to her Court and her parents that other fae see as weird. She genuinely cares about the other members of her Court, and she'll help them out whenever she can, even if offering her aid might be ill-advised.

The one facet of her nature that might be a bit unexpected is her anger. She has a strong sense of morals inherited from her parents, and those who cross her will earn the full force of her rage. While Maera usually appears placid, she's got a fearful temper, a shocking affinity for violence, and an utter disregard for the lives of those who wrong her. That combination makes her a terrifying person to get on one's wrong side. Although she isn't anywhere near the most powerful fae in the realms, the passion behind her anger still makes her a formidable enemy.

At her core, Maera firmly believes in the nurturing power of relationships. As she grew up, she saw how positive her parents' relationship was, how they brought out the good in each other by being together. However, Maera isn't very good at making and keeping friends or lovers. She has the best intentions, but she subconsciously tends to keep people at arm's length, and it ends up with her living a rather lonely life. Maera tries to convince herself that it's all okay as long as she still has her mother, whom she adores. But the lack of real relationships in her life does make her feel a little lonely occasionally.

Powers & Possessions:
Physically, Maera is quite fit. She might be a bit stronger than other fae her age, as her father used to teach her a myriad of self-defense techniques in order to keep her safe. However, she isn't inclined to rely on her physical strength to help her out - she much prefers using magic.

Maera has a very human view of magic. Rather than just some ability she's grown up with, she sees it as her father did: an amazing skill to wonder at, a god-given ability that should be harnessed to its full potential. Therefore, she's always worked hard on her different magical strengths, whether it involves tricking humans with small illusions or purposefully hurting herself to see how quickly she can heal. She's a little afraid to actually bewitch humans, though, as she doesn't want to end up accidentally hurting innocent people. As a result, she's not sure how effective her magic is on other beings.

ETA: Maera also has the power of future sight. As her mother has instructed her to keep this skill a secret, she has rarely used it, and therefore, has very little control over it. Visions come to her rarely, and when they do, they are short, vague, and only possible futures, rather than definite ones. (By this, I mean that what she sees might occur, but might not occur, based on the decisions made by people involved between now and that moment in the future). The furthest she's seen into the future to this date is a month, and more usually, she can only see into the next week. These visions last for a few seconds at the most, yet leave Maera feeling incredibly exhausted. If Maera were to ever actually practice, she would slowly gain more control over her inner eye, being able to control when she received visions, and what subject those visions would relate to. Her visions wouldn't tire her out so much either. However, it is unlikely that she'll pursue her ability in the near future, just because she's so scared that someone will find out and try to take advantage of her power.

From her father, she has a couple charms she always carries around with her. A pair of maen magl - Welsh snakestones believed to keep the owner healthy and lucky - and a gold ring inscribed with a Welsh charm.

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Please let me know if you need more threads than this!

World building
Maen Magl
low levelbasic spellbooks
Snakestones (specifically adder stones) that brings good luck and good health to the owner. Additionally, they can cure diseases of the eye if rubbed on one's eyelids.